Product improvements

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We started with OLMO BIKES, one of the main manufacturers of bicycles in Argentina, an experience of intervention as consultants with the aim of improving the implementation of design in their products and production processes.

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    Martín Ries Centeno
    Gala Aizpurú
    Eliana Segurola
    Maximiliano Zunino
    Santiago Lopez
    Maia Chigioni
    Matías Pallas
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    South America


The DMO research team became involved in the DNA of the company, to learn from their brand values to their production processes and storage of parts.. We have found that many of the problems of quality in their products required minor but essential adjustments in processes and training of their workers.

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We proposed and put in motion numerous process improvements such as the design of the products, expanding the network of suppliers and optimizing quality assurance. . We have also helped the company improve its commercial positioning, assisting in the stand coordination and design for the main event of the sector.

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