We are professionals, dreamers and teams, especially passionate about design.

The team

Martín Boschetti
Martín Boschetti
Founder | Business Development Director
Martín Ries Centeno
Martín Ries Centeno
Founder | US Managing Director
Cristóbal Papendieck
Cristóbal Papendieck
Founder | Design Director
Eliana Segurola
Eliana Segurola
Project Manager – Senior Designer

Gala Aizpurú
Gala Aizpurú
Quality Manager – Senior Designer
Luciana Laura Feo Mourelle
Luciana Laura Feo Mourelle
Senior Designer
Belén Ortiz
Belén Ortiz
Administrative Manager

We love discovering with curiosity, learning by doing, failing fast, growing through testing and scaling good impact.

Our partners

We are in good company

  • Globons

    Digital transformation

    Software Integration & Automation

  • Alt Ingenieria

    Electronics Development

  • Go Global

    International Consulting Group

  • Praxxis

    Strategic Design Management

    Triple Bottom Line Design

  • Namsa

    Medical Devices Regulatory & Quality Systems

  • Story

    Animations and Illustrations

  • Incubando Salud

    Healthcare companies accelerator

  • Inicia

    Entrepeneur´s Community

    Active member and contributor

  • CAD

    Argentinean Design Chamber

    Founder member

Our history

Our history

The history of our company starts in 2006, when Martín Boschetti, Martín Ries Centeno and Cristóbal Papendieck, friends and classmates at the Industrial Design School of Buenos Aires University, found Dídimo which main objective is to make a conscious contribution from our area of endeavor to the objects around us that have an impact on society .

The term “Dídimo” means “body made up of two symmetrical and identical parts”. This balance is what we seek among each other, with our clients and society.

Since our inception, we realized that the best way to meet the challenges we faced was through specialization. Thus, we specialized in the healthcare sector, having found a niche in which we could work on complex issues and looking for solutions through well-balanced variables of user-materialization-market. This scenario involves a daily challenge for our task force.

By 2010, we already gathered a team of 10 people, a portfolio of 20 clients and over 150 undertaken projects. Two years later, we founded Fasttomarket, expanding our design services to other industries and opened with Victor Reyes business offices in Mexico City.

By 2014, the company had over 50 clients in Argentina, Mexico and the US, having carried out over 300 projects with outputs and outcomes in the 5 continents.

As part of our global growth strategy, in 2015 we opened new offices in the US, we expanded our network of global partners and relaunched our brand under the name DMO Design Company, unifying Didimo Healthcare Design and Fasttomarket under one Brand.

Today we are working hard to keep growing, guided by the same set of values that always pushed us day after day, thinking more globally and opening new roads.