Astor Fisiodispenser

Smile makes you beautiful

A team of specialists in dental implants has contacted us for assistance in the development of a company that will provide solutions in implant dentistry.

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  • Design Team
    Martin Ries Centeno
    Eliana Segurola
    Santiago Lopez
    Maia Chigioni
    Valeria Gusso
  • Markets
    South America
  • Awards
    2nd Prize Innovar Industrial Design (2014)


The DMO team faced the challenge of creating from scratch the full identity of the company, from brand design, register, interface design and packaging to product design and production management.

For us, to start a company project from scratch represented a chance to align all variables surrounding the brand experience and at the same time, it was a challenge that involved coordinating many performers to achieve the objectives.

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We have been working jointly as a team with electronic engineers in the development of both software and hardware to achieve the best product based on the proposed strategies and the planned budget so as to insert the new brand and product into the market.

At DMO, we define professional medical character as a design premise, but with lines and enveloping shapes conveying freedom and joy in movement.

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