Laparoscopy Titanium

Making technology visible

Biotex is a company with a long and proven track record in developing technology applied to instruments and equipment for endoscopy surgery. It came to DMO with the purpose of making tangible its high level of technological development in the perception of their product line.

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    Cristobal Papendieck
    Nicolas Benitez
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Biotex is constantly working with its engineering team to improve and incorporate new technology optimizing accuracy and performance. But the main weakness facing its product line of laparoscopy was that evolution and the high technological performance were not perceived in its aesthetics or in the experience with users and consumers.

Making tangible the reliability and technology features through the product interface was the main challenge facing DMO.

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The DMO team worked hard to achieve a new visual and tactile experience for the product line without compromising the technological requirements defined by Biotex.

We developed a new image for the product, mainly using aluminum and its properties to show precision and technology values with sophisticated details of implementation of product graphics to communicate the care in every detail of the equipment.

Together with the client, we defined a new trade name for the product line- "TITANIUM" which itself communicates values of quality and notability.

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