Aqua Ultracavitation


Dermotherap trusted again in the DMO team to face the new challenge to develop a new global identity. We worked on the brand design, product and interactive interfaces.

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    Martín Ries Centeno
    Alejandro Albamonte
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    South America


The variety of applications required various pieces of equipment for the company, which posed problems of stock and production dynamics due to low productive series.

Considering the new drive to design a new family of products through a unique "flexible" case, we worked on the brand generating a new global identity expanded to design interactive interfaces.

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The DMO team focused on studying each of the electronic components used in the corresponding equipment according to each therapy application. We managed to couple common anchor points designing the new functional distribution together with electronics technicians and engineers.

As a result, products have been developed with a single enclosure in small-scale technologies to meet the production needs of the company, increasing the quality perceived by the use of aluminum by 70% of the final product, which proves to be a medical product.

We worked on the brand by developing a new logo that emphasizes the youth and freshness balancing the health care professional profile.

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