GRUB 2245

Productivity in storage

ASCANELLI S.A. is a renowned company that has been developing specialized agricultural equipment for harvesting and planting since 1962. Together with the technical team of the company, we developed the design of a modular dry grain bagger.

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  • Design Team
    I.D. Martin Ries Centeno
    I.D. Eliana Segurola
    I.D. Maximiliano Zunino
  • Markets
    South America
    North America


The DMO design and engineering team focused on designing a dry grain bagger with the objective and main premise of optimizing its exportation. The main requirement was to double the amount of equipment that could be transported in a 40 feet container, managing to bring that number to 8 units. To that end, we had to design modules forming the product tunnel with a retractable hanger system and disk brakes to maximize braking safety of the product.

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In less than 6 months of work, we managed to develop a concept with numerous technical improvements applied to the current product, considering internal productive processes, projected industry costs and, above all, the export requirements of the company.

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