Incubator Mattress Tray


Medix contacted us to improve the usage dynamics and incorporate new features into the mattress tray used in their line of intensive care infant incubators.

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    Cristobal Papendieck
    Pablo Ronconi
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Field surveys were conducted in the neonatal ward. We talked with professionals well acquainted with infant incubators and detected that the newborn welfare could be improved in many ways, optimizing the accessibility and functionality of physicians, nurses and technicians.

The general concept on which we worked was to improve access to the infant and the studies to be performed on them, such as an X-ray, weighting or intubation procedures, trying to alter both temperature and humidity conditions of the infant incubator as little as possible.

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In earlier versions of the system, the baby was simply taken out of the incubator for the necessary interventions. The new solution provides a rotation system, in which only the baby's head remains outside the incubator so that physicians can perform the necessary interventions. This simple change of operation prevents newborns from undergoing a drastic change of environment and thus their welfare is preserved.

We also worked on universality of access, expanding the system so operations may be performed from either of the 2 sides of the incubator, organically adapting it to right-handed or left-handed users.

Multiple functional prototypes were tested in real situations, in which we managed to verify the new functionalities before beginning the industrial production phase.

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