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We built an Innovation team among Novartis + DMO + Globons, co-creating high impact solutions to healthcare needs with different Business Units within the company. Starting with Innovations Sprints to detect Insights to create and validate MVP’s, turned into digital and physical Prototypes validated with real users. Finally, we set up Pilots in real environments to iterate and scale to impact on millions of people.

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    Martin Boschetti
    Cristobal Papendieck
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We are addressing multiple issues such as Access to medication, digital diagnostic Scores for certain pathologies, innovating in the early detection of diseases and incorporating disruptive technologies such as VR, AR and AI in medical environments and practices.

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Innovation Sprints

We are bringing value to millions of people from a broad understanding of environments and problems, including multiple stakeholders in the Healthcare environment. Focusing on patients, family members, doctors, social workers, payers, state and ministries, among others, we seek to validate MVP's to implement scalable-high impact solutions.

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