MediLED mini

Minimal proportions, maximum results

When MEDIX contacted us for this project, the first thing that motivated us was the product scope of application. At DMO, we take great pride in addressing with responsibility and professional judgment the design of a product that improves the quality of life of newborns with hyperbiliruminaemia.

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    Martin Ries Centeno
    Cristobal Papendieck
    Alejandro Albamonte
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    South America
    North America


DMO focused its resources on designing a small and portable phototherapy equipment, which can be supported both on the canopy of an infant incubator and on an infant radiant warmer, which meant an intensive development of suppliers and materials to solve the problem posed by the suction cups as well as the internal reinforcements in the housing so that it can be supported on a movable arm.

Another major challenge was to design the main body of the product in a single piece, as it was requested by the client, to optimize costs, simplify assembly and achieve a solid piece of equipment.

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Together with the MEDIX engineering department, DMO developed a competitive product on the international market which shows its own identity and efficiency by using LED technology that does not emit ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation, which is ideal to be used in small places due to its size and flexibility.

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