Gynecologic Device

Applied expertise

We developed a new postmenopausal rejuvenation therapy together with DERMOTHERAP and specialist gynecologists.

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    I.D. Martín Ries Centeno
    I.D. Pablo Ronconi
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    South America


It consists of an innovative treatment using carboxytherapy (CO2) for post menopausal treatments. The novelty of this product was its conception focused on solving this need, adding value with a product that provides safety and hygiene as it is disposable. It also provides specific solutions such as guides to place an application cannula and a fiber optic structured lighting probe to enhance the quality of treatment.

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The DMO team co-worked with the customer's engineering department and medical professionals to develop the first gynecological product to apply carbon dioxide (COs) therapy in women's vaginal canal.

The design sought production simplicity, so as to prevent movement in the plastic injection die. The selected materials are hypoallergenic and can be recycled once discarded.

The finished product is lightweight, durable and ergonomic, with a specific use for a therapy that is expected to be an innovation in health.

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