Portable Ultrasound Terason T-3000ar

Family feeling

Ecolab evolved from a distributor to a medical equipment manufacturer with the Terason T-3000 product. As well as we did it for the first product, DMO helped the company to develop its second product, a portable ultrasound machine

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  • Design Team
    I.D. Cristobal Papendieck
    I.D. Gala Aizpurú
    I.D. Santiago Lopez
    I.D. Maximiliano Zunino
    I.D. Maia Chigioni
  • Markets
    South America
  • Awards
    Prize Innovar - Medical Equipment (2015)
    Good Design Mark (2016)


The full development and manufacture of a portable ultrasound system in Latin America was the main challenge of the project. We worked on finding a balance among market demand, the possibilities of the company and the technologies available for manufacturing.

After conducting an extensive field research, talking with users and discussing the market references, we came to conclusion that the product should be compact, solid and easy to carry to meet the major demands of the regional market.

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Working together with the engineering team of Ecolab was very dynamic and proactive, being a key factor for the sustained progress of the project.

Many ergonomic tests, prototype models and preliminary studies were performed to verify all product variables and to test use dynamics with the users themselves.

After numerous tests, it was decided to make the main body of the product in aluminum, giving structural strength without compromising size or weight.

The production implementation was very quick, working with the same network of suppliers who were already involved in the T-3000 and within months, we managed to have the first units ready which were quickly introduced to the market.

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