Anesthesia Vaporizer B3

Less is more

The traditional company specializing in the manufacture of products for anesthesia since 1946, J. Baguette S.A.I.C., contacted us to optimize one of their products in order to reduce production costs, improve functionality and develop the new design identity.

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  • Design Team
    Martin Ries Centeno
    Cristobal Papendieck
    Alejandro Albamonte
  • Markets
    South America


Once a thorough study of the production processes was made, we were able to reduce processes, delicate surface finishes and parts that increased production costs and risks of scrap pieces of high added value.

We managed to improve the calibration procedures in the scale, industrializing a manual process.

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We are proud to have achieved a product which improved the sales of the company, reducing hidden costs in production processes, minimizing environmental impact by eliminating chromium finishes and defective parts due to manual errors in processes. The product itself managed to impose an identity that made an impact on the entire family of the brand products.

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