Intensive Care Ventilator HT-109

Simply intelligent

When CEGENS first came to DMO, they already had a technological development and a product idea to enter the market. After several years of working together, where we worked on strategy, brand experience, product design and production implementation, we managed to make the company enter the market with a high added value product.

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  • Design Team
    I.D. Cristobal Papendieck
    I.D. Martín Ries Centeno
    I.D. Gala Aizpurú
    I.D. Matías Pallas
    I.D. Alejandro Albamonte
  • Markets
    South America
  • Awards
    1st Prize CMD (2014)
    Good Design Mark (2011)
    2nd Prize Innovar Industrial Design (2010)

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The product to be developed was an intensive care ventilator designed to provide a complete and accurate response to the needs that arise in hospitals in intensive care units. To support the product, it was also necessary to work on the Brand of the company in order to achieve an experience that covered all variables.

The product itself presents an advanced technology to achieve a smart response to the various situations that may arise. But the conceptual focus on building the brand experience was placed on the generation of a message of confidence and the projection of a positive future.

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DMO has worked with the CEGENS team of engineers to integrate both electronics and pneumatics in a solution that focuses mainly on ergonomics, adapting it to the use environments and rendering it intuitive for direct users.

Product architecture embraces the concept of modularity to simplify production, assembly and transport into separate parts. This factor facilitates maintenance or the replacement of parts in case of malfunction. Further developments or product versions have also been taken into account allowing the concept of separate modules the system can partially modify without altering the whole.

At the production level, we mainly worked with local suppliers, concentrating on quality and scalable manufacturing methods to assist in the introduction of the product to the market and to increase production in line with demand.

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The term "life support" as an attribute that encompasses the values of the brand and transmits a clear objective stands out in the Brand, where benefits overtake shortcomings, directing the actions towards a conscientious and constructive purpose.

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